The golf course in Ho planned by course designer Erik Faurholt.
Blåvandshuk Golf Club was starting as a support in 1988, but only in 1990 managed to find the current area of Ho, which meets the requirements for a golf course.
There was formed a limited liability company called Blåvandshuk Golfbane A/S to charge of the establishment of the web.
The necessary land was acquired, including an old three – winged farm.

During 1992 it became clear that it was not possible to obtain the necessary capital from local interests and the company was sold to Finn Gramvad who contributed the necessary capital in the company and completions pitch.
In June 1994, the course was officially inaugurated, and today cover a komplet18 – hole course, a 9-hole par- 3 course, driving range, putting green, training bunker and indspils green. The old three-winged farm is totally rebuilt and expanded with a restaurant, club room, offices, locker rooms, golf shop, etc.